Certification of Growers and Instructors

Basic Training

Basic 3-day Workshop in GROW BIOINTENSIVE – July 2014

Best Practices in Sustainable Agriculture – Biointensive Agroecology

This workshop is designed to develop comprehensive knowledge and skills on how to reclaim depleted soil – “Grow the Soil” – so the soil is capable of growing a diversity of nutritionally balanced crops. The instruction consists of practical hands-on training along with classroom lectures and group discussion.

The training includes: 1) soil preparation and preservation; 2) fertilization; 3) building and using compost; 4) intensive planting and companion planting; 5) seed propagation; and 6) crops and diet.

This three-day basic workshop are at the Centro de Capacitación, Investigación, y Demostración de la Agroecología Biointensiva and also at the locations of small-scale farming projects operated and/or supported by non-governmental organizations and local cooperatives.

Contact Javier Silva (ADAR) for more information.


Reunion de apsirantes (29-8-2014)

Aspirants for Teacher Certification – August 2014

Basic-Level Teacher Certification

Designed for aspirants who want to teach the basic techniques of “GROW BIOINTENSIVE”. The certification is given by Ecology Action and ECOPOL. Prerequisites for the Five-Day Teacher Certification Workshop include: 1) attending a Three-Day Basic Workshop lead by a qualified teacher; 2) maintaining a “GROW BIOINTENSIVE” garden of at least 30 square meters for at least one year following the Three-Day Basic Workshop; and, 3) completing one year of testing diet crops and compost crops, building and using compost, and keeping records of diet and compost crops.

The Five-Day Teacher Certification Workshop does not end the certification process… it is the start. There are other requirements for teacher certification once the Five-Day Teacher Certification Workshop is completed.

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