Biointensive Method

Biointensive agriculture is an organic agricultural system which has been shown to result in maximum yields from the minimum area of land, while simultaneously improving and maintaining the fertility of the soil.  It is particularly designed for the small-scale grower.

bieldo y palo

The Biointensive method demonstrated at the Centro Biointensivo is the method developed by John Jeavons and Ecology Action – a sustainable 8-step method known as GROW BIOINTENSIVE®.

Many of the techniques that comprise the Biointensive method were present in the agriculture of the ancient Chinese, Greeks, Mayans, and of the early modern period in Europe. Alan Chadwick later brought together the Biodynamic and French Intensive methods to form the “Biodynamic-French Intensive” method.


El Bieldo


Learn more about the Biointensive method on the Ecology Action website.

Español: Ver un VIDEO introductorio del Biointensivo desde Las Cañadas