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The purpose of this web page is to provide easy access to the substantial collection of information on the biointensive method and other methods of organic agriculture.

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DOCUMENTARY (english – subtitulos en español):

SYMPHONY OF THE SOIL – By understanding the elaborate relationships and mutuality between soil, water, the atmosphere, plants and animals, we come to appreciate the complex and dynamic nature of this precious resource (from Lily Films).



ANALYSIS OF SAMPLES (english): Grow Your Soil (by John Beeby) – John Beeby personally responds to questions and concerns from small-scale growers in Nicaragua, including how to manage problem soils.

WEB-BASED LIBRARY (english): Spectrum Analytic Agronomic Library – This website provides in-depth information about how to interpret a soil analysis report. It includes an easy to understand Nutrient Guide that explains the importance of chemical elements in the soil (N, P, K, Mg, Zn, etc.)

INSTRUCTIONS & SUPPLIES (english): Waypoint Analytical – This website provides instructions and supplies for soil testing.  CCID BioNica and ADAR send soil samples to this laboratory.

VIDEO (español): Procedimiento de Muestreo de Suelo (por Laura Patricia Mayagoitia) – Indica los pasos básicos para realizar el muestreo de suelo.

MANUAL (english): Test Your Soil With Plants! (by John Beeby) – Discover how to find what fertilizers to use to optimize your garden’s health and productivity, simply by observing the plants in your garden.

TABLE (español): Tabla de Nutrientes del Suelo – Parte de la planta afectada por la deficiencia del nutriente; síntomas; circunstancias externas que conllevan a la deficiencia del nutriente.

TABLE (español): Tabla Falsos Indicadores de Deficiencias de Nutrientes del Suelo



IRRIGATION WATER ANALYSIS (english): Guide to Interpreting Water Irrigation Analysis (from Spectrum Analytic).



VIDEO (español): Determinación de la Textura del Suelo (por Laura Patricia Mayagoitia)

VIDEO (english): Guide to Texture by Feel (by Laura Patricia Mayagoitia)

WEB-BASED LIBRARY (english): infonet-biovision – This datasheet shows how growers can assess soil characteristics in the field without a laboratory.



BOOKLET (español): Cuaderno de Hoja para la Vida: Cómo combatir la desnutrición y mejorar la seguridad alimentaria con los cultivos de hoja verde (David Kennedy – Leaf for Life). Este es un libro de herramientas prácticas que ayuda a las personas alimentarse mejor. Explica muchas opciones para hacer mejor uso de hojas verdes de vegetales en la dieta.

BOOK (english): Twenty-First Century Greens Leaf Vegetables in Nutrition and Sustainable Agriculture (David Kennedy). Leaf for Life is one of the few groups in the world that focuses on the use of leaf vegetables.

WEB-BASED LIBRARY (english): Tropical Forages: An Interactive Selection Tool (International Center for Tropical Agriculture)

WEB-BASED LIBRARY (english): The New Crop Resource Online Program (Center for New Crops & Plant Products at Purdue University). Excellent presentation of plant profiles.

WEB-BASED LIBRARY (english): Cover Crop Plants (USDA Natural Resources Conservation Service)

BOOKLET (español): Manejo Agroecológico Piña (Equipo Regional INPRHU-Somoto). Manual que he trabajado para el manejo agroecológico de piña, es un cultivo muy interesante y de fácil manejo que cada finca agroecológica debería experimentar.

BULLETIN (english): Leguminous Ground Covers and Green Manures (ECHO)

BULLETIN (english): Tropical Green Manures & Cover Crops (by Roland Bunch)



WEB-BASED PLANNER (english): Harvest Planner (by John Beeby/HarvestMore)

WEB-BASED PLANNER (english): GROW BIOINTENSIVE® Diet Design and Planning Program (from Ecology Action)



MANUAL (español): Cultivo de Semillas – Mini-Serie #13 (por Peter Donelan – Ecology Action)

MANUAL (español): Guia para la Recolección de Semillas (Huerta Comunitaria)

MANUAL (español): Diversidad Alimentaria y Guia para Producir y Guardar Semillas

BIBLIOTECA de WEB (español): Manual de Producción de Semillas (Kokopelli Seed Foundation)



El Bieldo

CATALOG (english): Pala recta y Bieldo (Clarington Forge) – The head of each spade (pala recta) and fork (bieldo) is individually forged from a single piece of steel for strength and durability.

CATALOG (english): Bieldo (Lee Valley) – The CCID en Nicaragua recommends this stainless-steel digging fork (bieldo) with tubular steel handles with a molded plastic cover.