Guillermo Rodríguez Barreiro – Board of Directors – teacher

Guillermo Rodríguez Barreiro is a certified teacher of GROW BIOINTENSIVE® (basic level) through Ecology Action and ECOPOL.

Guillermo lives in Reserva Sylvester Quelantaro, Villa El Carmen, Managua, Nicaragua. Guillermo was born in Galicia, Spain, and grew up in Meaño, a rural village in the province of Pontevedra. He has grown food organically with his family since childhood and during his youth to guarantee the family food supply.

Later in the 90’s he moved to Ourense, where he studied agricultural engineering at the University of Vigo with a specialization in agricultural and food industries. During his university career, he worked and collaborated with a cooperative of small wine growers producing early white wine (Albariño), and he began to understand the dynamics of small farmer movements and came to participate in the fermentation industry.

In 2000, Guillermo began volunteering with the organization Amigos de la Terra Galicia dealing with energy efficiency, climate change and environmental education subjects, allowing him to get a scholarship from the European Voluntary Service in 2001 and to move to Nicaragua to do volunteer work in biodiversity conservation in the San Juan River Biosphere Reserve.

From 2002 to date, Guillermo has been in charge of the representation of the Amigos de la Tierra España en Nicaragua, writing and managing projects in different protected areas of Central America (Costa Rica, Nicaragua, Honduras and El Salvador) with the main purpose of conserving natural resources and promoting more sustainable patterns of life.

Guillermo Rodríguez Barreiro
Representante en Nicaragua
Amigos de la Tierra – España
De la Vicky, 2 cuadras al sur, 1 cuadra arriba, casa esquinera, número 304, Managua
Nica cel: +505 8925-2970; 8484-4655
e-mail: Guillermo Rodríguez