John Stuart Beeby – Board of Directors – soil specialist

John Beeby resides in Ithaca, New York where he is currently pursuing a M.Sc. at Cornell University on the potential of biochar to reduce arsenic toxicity in soils.

A former Ecology Action staff member, John is an expert in Biointensive agriculture and sustainability, Ecology Action’s main soil fertility advisor, and the creator of Harvest Planner, a unique online program which helps farmers plan and grow nutritionally complete diets sustainably. John is the editor of From The Field, associate editor of the journal Renewable Agriculture and Food Systems (Cambridge Press) and author of several publications, including the books Future Fertility and Test Your Soil With Plants!

John catalyzed a website to share GROW BIOINTENSIVE® teaching materials, developing and consulting on experiments in Kenya and Latin America on one-time fertilizer applications for long term improved soil fertility, and operates Grow Your Soil, a soil consulting service that makes organic fertilizer recommendations for farmers around the world.

John S. Beeby
Grow Your Soil
Post Office Box 4095, Ithaca, New York, 14852
e-mail: John Beeby