Juan Manuel Martínez Valdez – ECOPOL

Juan Manuel Martínez is the president of Ecología y Población A.C. (ECOPOL) and is the International Partner and legal representative of Ecology Action in Latin America and the Caribbean. On behalf of Ecology Action and ECOPOL, Juan Manuel is a signer of the Agreement of Cooperation with CCID en Nicaragua and the Universidad Nacional Agraria that established the Centro Agroecológico Biointensivo training and research center.

Juan Manuel started ECOPOL (Ecología y Población) in 1992, after he had arranged for two biointensive workshops in Mexico lead by John Jeavons. It was then when John Jeavons and Juan Manuel strategized about the most effective ways of disseminating the Biointensive system throughout Mexico and Latin America. ECOPOL was the result, a non-profit organization that would focus exclusively on this goal.

Juan Manuel Martínez Valdez
Ecología y Población A.C. (ECOPOL)
Apartado Postal Numero 2
CP 50360, Aculco, Estado de México, México
Telephones: (55) 5651-1143 y (55) 1308-6040
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