Juan Miguel García Blanco – teacher & grower of seeds

Juan Miguel García is a certified teacher of GROW BIOINTENSIVE® (basic level) through Ecology Action and ECOPOL.

Juan Miguel is also a “grower of seeds” for the ECHO-BioNica Seed System.

Juan Miguel comes from a farming family from the Loma de Café community of Boaco. He began his career in agronomic engineering after graduating from the Universidad Nacional Agraria (national agrarian university) in Camoapa, Nicaragua in 2012.

Juan Miguel started in a volunteer position at Clinica Verde in 2014, when he started a biointensive garden program at the clinic. He has since become a full-time member of the team. Juan Miguel says he enjoys the ability to promote the conservation of the natural environment to students in the region.

Juan Miguel García Blanco
Agricultural Engineer
Clinia Verde
Boaco, Nicaragua
e-mail: Juan Miguel García