Ligia Belli Castellón – Secretary – instructor & grower of seeds

Ligia Belli is in the process of becoming a certified instructor of GROW BIOINTENSIVE® (basic level) through Ecology Action and ECOPOL.

Also, Ligia is a “grower of seeds” for the ECHO-BioNica Seed System.

Ligia and her family live on a small-scale farm, Las Gardenias, near Ticuantepe, Nicaragua. Ligia studied Animal Science at the Universidad Centroamericana (UCA) in Nicaragua and at Cornell University in Ithaca, New York. Ligia has been involved in several livestock projects such as Proyecto Lechero Chiltepe, the Dirección General de Ganadería at the Ministry of Agriculture, and with Ganaderos Asociados del Nor-Sur exporting meat products from Nicaragua to Mexico.

Since 2008, Ligia has extensive training and experience in producing diversified agricultural goods and the application of agro ecological farming technologies, including hydroponics, organic farming, vermiculture, urban agriculture, production of beneficial microorganisms, organoponics, biodigestors, etc. Ligia has managed to apply the knowledge acquired in workshops and trainings in different modalities, including e-learning.

Las Gardenias produces more than 25 products, including dairy, fruits, vegetables, timber, and processed biomass through composting, vermiculture, fermented beneficial microorganisms, and charcoal production (Biochar).

Ligia Belli Castellón
Quinta Las Gardenias
Tecuantepe, Nicaragua
Nica cel: +505 8884-0890
e-mail: Ligia Belli