Omar David Izaguirre Ponce – instructor

Omar David Izaguirre Ponce is in the process of becoming a certified instructor of GROW BIOINTENSIVE® (basic level) through Ecology Action and ECOPOL.

Also, Omar is Vice President of the Asociación para el Desarrollo Agroecológico Regional (ADAR).

Omar resides in Somoto in the northern part of Nicaragua and has worked with agroecology projects in the region of the Segovias for more than four years. From his childhood in an impoverished rural town, Omar has a personal understanding of the lives of small-scale farmers.

Omar serves as the Field Technician with SUCO in the agroecology project PROGA-Jóvenes, where he has implemented the biointensive method.

Omar studied engineering in agriculture production at the Universidad Centroamericana (UCA-Managua) where he was awarded a scholarship for his technical performance.

In addition to working on agroecology projects, Omar has held positions coordinating programs in local economic development, agro-business, and inter-institutional relations with local governments.

Omar leads workshops for ADAR throughout Nicaragua and has designed a training curriculum for high-school students. Omar possesses exceptional skills in managing group dynamics and is able to adapt the training material to the various learning levels of the participants.

Omar David Izaguirre Ponce
Vicepresidente – ADAR
Asociación para el Desarrollo Agroecológico Regional
Instructor – Agroecológico Biointensivo
Nicaragua: +505 8442 6493
Skype: davidacf-e
e-mail: Omar David Izaguirre Ponce