Yolidia de Los Ángeles Hernández Gutiérrez – teacher & grower of seeds

Yolidia de los Ángeles Hernández Gutiérrez (Yoli) is a certified teacher of GROW BIOINTENSIVE® (basic level) through Ecology Action and ECOPOL.

Also, Yoli is a “grower of seeds” for the ECHO-BioNica Seed System.

Yoli was born in Matagalpa and grew up watching her father farm the land – which taught her the love and respect for nature.

Yoli graduated as a teacher and taught for several years. In the early 90’s she left the classroom to engage in community social development with the Association for Integrated Community Development (ADIC). This experience gave her the opportunity to specialize in different issues involving social change, with emphasis on gender equality. Yoli has developed skills in the management and execution of community projects.

Years later, Yoli served as the General Coordinator of ADIC until 2002 when she went to Cuba. During the first years in Cuba, Yoli volunteered as a grass-roots instructor in gender equality in Havana. In 2007 Yoli temporarily coordinated the Canada Fund for Local Initiatives of the Canadian Embassy in Cuba.

Yoli also worked with Oxfam Canada as a permanent consultant in a gender mainstreaming project for the Asociación Nacional de Agricultores Pequeños (National Association of Small Farmers). The experience with the Cuban farmers deeply reminded Yoli of her roots and restored her yearning to cultivate the land.

Yoli came back to Nicaragua in 2011 and settled on the island of Ometepe. She is one of the founders of the Red de Mujeres de Ometepe (Women’s Network of Ometepe), a community social movement with an organizational philosophy of networking, teamwork, and volunteerism. Yoli has joined the biointensive movement with BioNica. Her vegetable garden called “Anahuac” (a Nahuatl word meaning “Near the Water”) is located in the community of Santo Domingo, in the municipality of Altagracia.

Yolidia de Los Ángeles Hernández Gutiérrez
Red de Mujeres de Ometepe
Huerto Anahuac, comunidad Santo Domingo, Municipio Altagracia
Isla de Ometepe, Nicaragua
Nica cel: +505 8403-6857
e-mail: Yolidia Hernández