ECHO-BioNica Seed System

BioNica and ECHO are in the implementation phase of a “seed availability and diversity system” for small-scale growers in Nicaragua.


Peanuts (mani) – February 2014

Our objective is to:

1) diversify the supply of seeds available to small-scale growers by introducing an assortment of vegetables, legumes and grains; and,

2) diversify the inventory of staple crops by introducing varieties from countries with warmer and drier climates, including Africa and Asia.


Sesame – January 2014

ECHO Seed System

Brad Ward leads the ECHO Central America/Caribbean Regional Impact Team.

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Buttercrunch Lettuce – January 2014

BioNica Network of the Growers of Seeds

Six biointensive growers in Nicaragua have begun producing open-pollinated seeds for future distribution to organizations and small-scale growers who practice biointensive-agroecology methods.


Chard – July 2014

Click here for more information about the BioNica Network of the Growers of Seeds.

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