Best Practices in Sustainable Agriculture – Biointensive Agroecology

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Taller Especializado
June 14-18, 2016

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In August 2015, the Biointensive-Agroecology Training Program was transferred to our trainers under a new Nicaraguan-based organization: the Asociación para el Desarrollo Agroecológico Regional (ADAR).  Javier Silva is President and John Wyss is the Executive Director.

Intensive Planting 3

Biointensive Workshop – Leon 2012

Since 2012, the core mission of BioNica has been to provide training in best practices in sustainable small-scale agricultural – particularly carbon-intensive methods to develop and maintain soil fertility in the tropics so that the soil is capable of growing crops without synthetic fertilizers, herbicides and pesticides.

Participants include:

1) agricultural technicians working with non-governmental organizations (NGO’s) that have small-scale agricultural projects;

2) small-scale growers; and,

3) university faculty and students in agronomy.

Estudiantes de Citalapa (enero 2015)

Students from Citalapa – January 2015

By partnering with other organizations (international, national and local), training is provided in all parts of Nicaragua, including the two autonomous regions of RAAN and RAAS.

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Bluefields Compost

Biointensive Workshop – Bluefields, RAAS – 2014

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continuing education

Continuing Education

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ECHO-BioNica Seed System


Peanuts (mani) – February 2014

BioNica and ECHO – in collaboration with the Universidad Nacional Agraria – are in the implementation phase of a “seed availability and diversity system” for small-scale growers in Nicaragua.

Our objective is to:

1) diversify the supply of seeds available to small-scale growers by introducing an assortment of vegetables, legumes and grains; and,

2) diversify the inventory of staple crops by introducing varieties from countries with warmer and drier climates, including Africa and Asia.


Sesame – January 2014

ECHO Seed System

Brad Ward leads the ECHO Central America/Caribbean Regional Impact Team.

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Garden Vegetables
Grain Legumes


Buttercrunch Lettuce – January 2014

BioNica Network of the Growers of Seeds

Six biointensive growers in Nicaragua have begun producing open-pollinated seeds for future distribution to organizations and small-scale growers who practice biointensive-agroecology methods.

Ligia Belli, Peter Schaller and Michael Richardson are coordinating the grow-out of the seeds.


Chard – July 2014

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Center for Biointensive-Agroecology

nuevo salón de clases

Classroom at El Plantel

Educational tours are available throughout the year at the Centro de Capacitación, Investigación y Demostración de la Agroecológica Biointensiva (CCID Guanacastillo) located at km 30 of the Tipitapa–Masaya Highway. The tour includes demonstrations of the basic principles of agroecology and the biointensive method of small-scale agriculture. Visitors also may acquire practical experience in digging beds, making compost, transplanting seedlings and harvesting crops.

The CCID Guanacastillo is managed by Javier Silva (ADAR) with assistance from Alexis Hernandez Medal and John Wyss (ADAR).

To organize a visit to the CCID Guanacastillo contact .

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Marzo 2013

Agosto 2013

agosto 2014

Centro huertos y flores (Sept 2014)

Research Beds (photos)

Demonstration Beds. (photos)

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